Optimus provides its partners with consulting services in focused practices where we possess a unique edge of creating innovative solutions, combining both technical expertise and business counsel to reduce IT risk, maximize IT performance and optimize the IT spend of our partners and end-customers.

Optimus offers a package of consulting services that covers the industry verticals of healthcare, hospitality, banking, government, construction, call-centers, education, oil & gas and construction. The consulting practice includes

  • Data Center consulting
  • Private Cloud consulting
  • Big Data and Analytics consulting
  • Cyber Security


Since the advent of the Internet, broadband, smartphones and other innovative technologies, there is a constant demand for a near-instantaneous delivery of data to our computers, phones, TV's etc. This has led to a need for concentrations of computer and networking equipment and servers that can handle multiple requests and deliver with agility. This is what the modern day data center serves.

For Enterprises, data centers are a top priority. As part of IT infrastructure requirements, Data centers have become a critical business parameter for the very functioning of big businesses. Without a clear strategy for efficient backup, storage and disaster recovery, Enterprises run the risk of crippled operations.

Simultaneously data centers have become the men-in-arms for IT departments that are overloaded with a need for adding more applications, faster, to cater to a voracious appetite mobile, social media, streaming video and other resource-intensive applications. For these applications and information deliveries to satisfy employees, customers and other stakeholders adequately, Data Centers come to the rescue.

Optimus' Data Center Consulting Services provides an enterprise-wide, consultative approach to help organizations during the data center transition, from assessment, strategy and design, to implementation and operational services. Our team of experts comes equipped with years of data center consolidation and transformation engagements, with operational know-how and a technology-agnostic model to help clients strategically and tactically deploy complex Data Center Transformation programs.

Our Practice extends beyond the typical location, power, tax, outsourcing, cost, pre-design and employment base decisions, to include new metrics like disaster recovery, risk management, cloud, and green initiatives. Additionally, we provide guidance for enterprises to choose an appropriate Data center model based on their business needs, whether container, pre-fabricated, or co-located data center space. Server virtualization or power management, effective design and build of racks for higher density, or optimal usage of cooling technologies, our Data Center Consulting Practice answers all these queries and more.

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The increasing need for agility and flexibility, along with a secure environment has prompted many organizations to consider migrating to a private cloud to host their operations. However, the decision to use your own environment for virtualization is a complicated one, and requires skill and knowledge for effective implementation. Optimus Private Cloud Consulting Practice understands the challenges and the underlying business processes that need to define a holistic Cloud Strategy. We provide organizations with step-by-step guidance on the various building blocks to define, plan and implement secure private enterprise cloud solutions. Our technical expertise, collaborative approach and partnership with industry leaders in the private cloud infrastructure and applications domain helps us to guide organizations to shift to an effective private cloud environment.'

Our cloud professionals and team of senior engineers help both Enterprises and Service Providers through the process of selecting the appropriate storage, virtualization, and networking technologies with a focus on scalability and minimizing downtime. From helping organizations to build their own private cloud to providing business analysts to assist enterprises with an existing premise-based data center, from a hosted cloud environment to integrated hybrid cloud solutions, the Optimus Private Cloud Consulting Practice offers a 360 approach to all your Private Cloud Computing needs.

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The information age has given birth to an abundance of data, and it continues to grow in volume, speed and complexity. Businesses of all kinds feel the need to access this Big Data, but are strapped for resources that can guide the development of a comprehensive data Strategy. Even if captured, making Big Data work is the most critical challenge for enterprises. The Optimus Big Data Consulting Practice comes complete with senior-level consultants, industry know-how and business analytics expertise to help businesses implement technologies to better manage and understand their data.

Optimus consultants can provide the strategic guidance enterprises need to make informed decisions that impact performance levels and create an Enterprise Data Architecture that spans solutions needs across Big Data, Analytics, Digital Asset Management and Search.

With the Optimus Big Data Consulting practice organizations will be able to make knowledgeable decisions by leveraging our global delivery capability in data, technology and our domain expertise.
Our broad Practice Areas include Operations and Supply Chain, Customer insights, Merchandizing and Fraud Analytics. Our model helps us deliver Business Insights using mutually agreed key performance indicators based on advanced insights, custom reports, drill downs, and roll ups.

From Data Science that uses econometric, machine learning and operations research techniques for predictive and behavioral modeling to Data Engineering that includes fetching and managing data, building and integrating analytics as well as delivering analytics solutions as libraries, API's, algorithms or product enhancements, Optimus is qualified to address the Big Data needs of enterprises, both as stand alone or cloud solutions.

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With the growing popularity of Cyber Culture and a proliferation of internet-enabled devices, Cyber Security has become a pressing issue for enterprises and governments. Across industries and geographies, enterprises and governments are increasingly relying on cyberspace to drive efficiencies, improve agility and flexibility, and augment business growth. And with cyber attacks on the rise, it has become imperative for organizations to develop and implement a comprehensive Cyber Security Strategy.

Optimus' Cyber Security Consulting Practice addresses the clients' increasing need to seek help from consulting firms to guide them through the complexities of cyber security. Our integrated, full-spectrum approach goes beyond the traditional technology aspects to help enterprises develop a comprehensive Cyber Security Strategy to help protect all company assets including reputation, IP, employees and customers.

From private data to intellectual property, from cyber infrastructure to cyber defence, from risk management to cyber offense, the Optimus Cyber Security Consulting Practice helps organizations plan and execute an integrated cyber approach built on trust and not just surveillance, involving people as an important peg of the overall cyber strategy.

Our industry experience and technical expertise coupled with our business knowledge and know-how on effective cyber risk management allows us to offer end-to-end cyber security capabilities to helps enterprises establish and improve their cyber security and resilience.

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