In the enterprise solution space, verticalisation — the ability to develop, deliver and implement solutions suitable for specific industry sectors — requires significant skill, experience as well as industry and market know-how.

Optimus is well positioned to help its channel partners and vendors penetrate vertical industries owing its global expertise, sound technical knowledge, a grip on industry pain-points and an ability to customize platforms and apps to suit specific industry needs.

We currently offer solutions and services across the sectors of Government, Customer Services, Oil & Gas, Construction, Healthcare, Retail, Hospitality, Banking/Finance, Education.


Enabling Smart & Connected Healthcare

The digital transformation of the healthcare sector has completely altered the way care is delivered to patients. Highly intelligent data capturing touch-points and analytical systems are now a necessity to bring innovation to patients and enhance their health management experience. Tied to this are sophisticated back-end networks, scalable infrastructure frameworks and agile switches that have made it possible for hospitals to deliver better quality care, more cost effectively.

Partnering with some of the best-of-breed vendors with proven success in the healthcare domain Optimus continues to bring value to its channels by enabling customized solutions incorporating a complementary suite of products and services that address the specific business needs of hospitals.

We understand the challenges that hospitals face and can advise on the best technology solutions that will address their needs. With speed of action and delivery critical in a healthcare environment, it is all about providing medical professionals with fast & easy access to data.

Optimus Healthcare solutions help create agile organizations providing 21st century healthcare through modernized, resilient and scalable systems and networks that form the backbone IT infrastructure for Healthcare providers. From advanced analytics that afford genetic insights and identify meaningful clinical trends and quality indicators, to enhanced clinician effectiveness and improved outcomes, Optimus can help you create smarter healthcare that is sustainable, personalized and patient-centric.

Our partner solutions range from converged healthcare combining innovative ICT with healthcare resources to telemedicine and regional network systems addressing the key needs of communications, connectivity and speed for hospitals. We also provide healthcare applications and portals to automate patient information, reduce patient paperwork requirements and implement EMR. Our suite of applications for the healthcare sector also includes access to pre-emptive healthcare management through DNA analysis.

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As the complex and multi-faceted world of Hospitality embraces the digital age, industry players are looking at IT to help them differentiate their brand, provide a superior and personalized level of customer service to their clients, advance the service delivery speed and provide access to data that helps enhance the he customer experience. Hospitality Solutions have grown from simplistic Point of Sale software to gargantuan Hotel Property Management systems!

Optimus brings to you a sophisticated suite of Hospitality Solutions that address industry pain-points appropriately. Our range of software, hardware, applications and related service, along with a comprehensive portfolio of cloud solutions, for the Hospitality industry helps businesses reduce labor cost, increase efficiency, prevent losses, improve reporting, enable flexibility, and optimize the hardware they use, all while providing superior service and experience to their guests anywhere.

Our Hospitality solutions bear in mind the inter-connectivity required between the various functions in the industry and provide a robust and intuitive software ecosystem. We help build solutions tailored to specific hospitality needs and environments like Hotels & Resorts, F&B (Restaurants), Cruise liners, a swell as Back office functions. Our solution offering integrates IT, BPO and infrastructure services as well as offers new and innovative technology solutions like RFID guest recognition, personalized touch-points and contact-less check-in.

Within the broad solution portfolio, Optimus can help its partners build and deliver specific modules like Front desk Operations, Hotel Management Software including Online bookings, Restaurant Management Software including Digital Restaurant Menus, Guest feedback systems, as well as functionalities to integrate all of these onto Mobile applications.

So whatever the Hospitality need or pain-point of your customer, Optimus can help create a solution offering for them.

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The increased adoption of mobility & BYOD, cloud / virtualization, and new social channels is changing the very fabric of client interaction for the financial advisory and retail business. Therefore the need for digital transformation is most critical within the Financial Services & Banking Industry with a lot of companies in the sector still battling legacy systems that are not agile or flexible.

At Optimus, we understand this challenge. And our suite of Banking and Financial products and solutions enables high-performance, high-volume transactions, whether in trading environments, in retail banking or in insurance, while ensuring security of data across all platforms, both for the Finance & banking industry, and for their end-customers.

Optimus helps you to tailor financial solutions that are dynamic and responsive and keyed to real-time conditions and global financial markets. Whether it requires platforms that provide low latency, flexibility, insight and intelligence, while mitigating volatility and risks or automated tools to enhance customer trading experience, Optimus offers a robust portfolio of solution for financial markets, retail banking & insurance. From streamlining processes, to keeping data secure and addressing the multiple industry regulation requirements, Optimus enables your customers business through the savvy application of technology solutions.

The Optimus Financial & banking solutions portfolio includes modules for security, unified banking channel strategy (omnichannel), flexible interfacing options for desktops, smartphones & tablets, virtualized desktop access across various endpoints, as well as two-way video options providing service access to remote customers.

So whatever the Financial or Banking need, you can bank on Optimus to help deliver an industry-sensitive technology solution to your customers.

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As customers get more demanding and aware, the call-center and contact center industry is under pressure to upgrade legacy systems to cloud-based technologies that provide added agility and more efficient call routing among other benefits.

Also, with omni-channel becoming the ubiquitous model for interaction and engagement, the call-center industry requires advanced channel analytics to guide customer outreach to companies, and vice versa, across social, text and other non-traditional channels.

Also, with the increasing use of smartphones, the call-centre industry is focusing on expansion of mobile-based customer service applications, so that mobiles can serve as the default and readily available tool for customers to interact quickly, efficiently and directly with representatives, via videos & images, for product or service concerns.

The Optimus Call-Center solution is built to address industry pain points and comprises a secure and compliant platform, across delivery channels, with cloud-based technology for multi-channel communication via a unified base, while providing an audit trail and records of chat and call sessions to monitor service delivery levels. From optimizing agent schedules, to analytics for improving efficiencies & driving overall customer satisfaction, from complaint mechanisms to resolution definitions, from customer self-service to automatic call distribution modules & interactive voice response technology, Optimus can help you architect a Call-centre solution suited to the unique needs of your customer, including integration with leading CRMs like Salesforce. Deployment via our cloud solution also helps enhance performance while providing a highly dependable hosting architecture for the contact center.

So whatever the need of your Call-centre industry players, Optimus can help craft a solution offering for them.

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Enabling transformative education models through technology/e-learning, for corporates & institutions

A common expression in todays' data-driven world, "drowning in data and starving for information, is equally true for the education industry. Technology can help convert disjointed pieces of disparate data into usable information to enable deployment of low-cost e-learning solutions that are intuitive, customized, relevant, and prepare GEN Y as workforces for the information economy.

Wireless classrooms enable remote access to teaching and the new e-learning models have made borderless education and training a reality. Optimus carries a wide spectrum of education solutions ranging from e-learning and wireless classrooms to big data analytics, learning management and talent management platforms for universities, schools and corporates. Extended solutions are now also available for "education clouds", taking curriculum into a cloud-computing environment.

With a multi-vendor base, Optimus enables a smart transition to a technology-based educational environment for universities, schools and enterprises. From intuitive e-learning modules to big data analytics, from learning and talent management platforms to the integration of smart devices (e-book readers, tablets, mobiles), the end-to-end solution spectrum helps enhance student-teacher efficiencies, improves operational agility, enables distance learning and assimilates next-gen learning methods into the educational ecosystem.

At Optimus our Human Capital Management solution provides learning and training capabilities to Corporates, by covering all aspects of HR for an organization, from e-learning & training to content management and talent management, as well as to Educational Institutes by customizing the e-learning platform to their requirements.


Optimus HCM is one of the most experienced human capital management solutions in the region, providing complete employee lifecycle management, from recruitment to retirement. With a decade of working with enterprises of all sizes, HCM has effectively provided tools and solutions to corporations to manage their human resources more effectively. Optimus provides expertise in consulting, set-up, execution and support of all systems and processes in the HCM cycle.

Our Services within this Domain cover:

  • Roadmap planning: Includes understanding the application architecture, analysis of migration options, developing roadmap and business case
  • Product Assessment: Rapid fit-gap, project planning and approach
  • Implementation Services: On premise, hosted, SaaS, Hybrid deployment.
  • Maintenance Services: Includes report development, configuration and extensions, training options, integration with business apps, on premise support

At Optimus, we carry the comprehensive Oracle Taleo Talent Management Suite as part of our HCM Solution offering.See more.

Solution Highlights
  • True On-Demand
  • Portal creation and design
  • Sub-LearnCenters
  • On-line authoring tool
  • SCORM Learning Object Builder
  • AICC & SCORM import and diagnostic
  • Asset management
  • Resource Manager
  • Note Taking
  • Configurable roles and bulk importing
  • Reporting
  • Unlimited Jobs/Roles
  • Learning/Development Plans
  • Skills management and renewals
  • ILT management
  • WBT Course management
  • Assignments
  • Test/Survey engine
  • Customizable Certificates and Certifications
  • Notifications and email
  • Chat/Forums
  • Collaboration and blogging


Taleo is a cloud-based talent management software that encompasses modules for recruiting, onboarding, performance management, learning and development, succession planning and compensation management, for enterprises and small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

The TALEO suite includes

Enterprise Cloud Service:
Solution providing Talent Management for the enterprise

From Employee Lifecycle Management to Employee Performance, Oracle Taleo provides a comprehensive set of tools to attract, hire, onboard, develop, train, engage, assess, and retain people. Each application can be used as a standalone solution for best practices and processes, or can be combined for a comprehensive talent management strategy. Built for midsize organizations with fewer than 3,000 employees, it is the only solution designed to adapt to rapidly growing companies.

Business Edition Cloud Service:
Solutions to help small to midsize business recruit, manage, develop and reward top talent

Without successful talent management tools, your company could see a lag in employee retention as well as employee engagement.
Seminal research conducted over the course of a decade found that the top 10 percent of companies with “high-performance work systems” had four times the amount of sales per employee

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Enabling Smart Cities with solutions that transform business and deliver next generation services

Cities comprise nearly 50% of the world's population and are responsible for 75% of its energy consumption and create 80% of its carbon emissions! As global economies deal with these daunting statistics, governments are under tremendous pressure to alleviate the challenges modern cities face - congestion, pollution, blackouts, crime, debt and rising costs – along with unemployment and wellbeing of citizens.


Realizing the Smart Vision

In the Smart City vision, the cities, the governments and the citizens cohesively exist in a more efficient, sustainable and livable future. And technology has undoubtedly emerged as the critical enabler for this transition.

Optimus' portfolio of Smart City products and services provides a roadmap for realizing this vision. Using cutting-edge technology to address upgrades for the urban systems, to integrating information and operations for overall city efficiency, our solution offering is vast as it is deep.

Today most leading cities around the world have a ten-year master information and technology (ICT) plan, ranging from Smart Energy and Smart Water to Smart Buildings, Smart Public Services, Smart Mobility and Smart Integration. Our solution modules are designed to deliver on these specific needs with benefits that help cities capitalize on new technologies to transform their systems, operations and service delivery. See more.


Our ten-year expansive solution offering covers multiple interfaces of smart city enablement:

  • Core infrastructure
    Wireless (GSM, 3.5G, WiMAX, Wifi etc) Wired (FTTx, Cabling etc) Multimedia
  • Application hubs
    Trade exchange e-procurement health exchange land hub
  • Automation
    Buildings, residences, hotels, hospitals, public areas
  • Common services
    Payment gateway e-currency loyalty cards
  • Leisure
    Virtual world gaming consoles excursions / trips
  • E-services
    Bill consolidation bookings e-provisioning e-learning retail orders taxi / metro trans. Events reservations contact centers

One connectivity, one architecture

The Optimus Smart City solution creates a singular platform for voice, data and video core networks, and a unified architecture that covers Core Services, Common, Services, Common IP Conduits, and Data Services Services across compound touchpoints and devices.


Strategic Partner = Highest value add
Optimus offers a 360 services and solution portfolio for Smart enablement, including strategic business consulting for optimum benefits for customers. We cover the entire spectrum of the e-ecosystem, providing Business Solutions, Managed Services, Consulting Services and Technology Solutions.

Deep & Wide
The reach of our Smart offering traverses the depth and width of the functionality of the e-ecosystem, across sectors, including transportation; telco and utilities; public sector; commercial, logistics and manufacturing; homeland security, healthcare and life sciences; financial and insurance services and education.

Smart Value: Think, Build, Operate
Optimus’ smart value-addition of a services layer above the commodity component of the Smart City solution translates into transformative possibilities for smart enablement. Our solution stipulates the convergence framework for the entire digital community space, from Property Management, Smart Homes and digital lifestyle experiences of residents to On-Premise and Off-Premise Service Providers. Our services ensure data from multiple building systems is delivered in time, to the relevant location, in the appropriate format.

The Converged Building Technology Stack
The Optimus Converged Building Technology Stack builds upon the commodity framework of Devices, Gateway protocols, Subsystems and IP infrastructure and adds a tangible value layer of integration middleware with data normalization, Intelligent applications with building management, facilities management and ERP, and Managed Services through NOC based monitoring.


Our Smart City offering broadly touches upon the following components:

Core Infrastructure
Incorporates the network, Identity and Compute modules

Municipal / Government services
Extends across services like Birth & Death; Announcements & Signage; e-portal, Information Hubs; e-Currency & Virtual city

Private/Business application
Delivers on areas like Trading exchanges; e-Services; Advertising; Home/Office automation; Vehicle Tracking; Infotainment on Demand; and Consolidated or Cashless payment.

  • e-Portal framework architecture
  • e-building
  • e-booking/e-shopping
  • e-payment/e-billing
  • e-learning
  • e-healthcare
  • Knowledge Management
  • e-leisure
  • Concierge

Our services and support portfolio for Smart enablement leverages Optimus’ market experience and ICT expertise to offer customers the following:

Business Process outsourcing:
Through its call-centre in Dubai and its processing centers in Doha, Dubai and India, Optimus offers a value-based outsourcing for a range of Infrastructure Managed Services and Application Management Services in the domains of Procurement, Human Resources, Building Management, Finance & Accounting, Airport Operations and Bank operations.

Customer Interaction Centers
The interaction centers enable Business Performance Management Reporting by providing Customer and Operational Intelligence.

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Optimus provides integrated IT solutions for engineering and construction firms. Our industry expertise allows us to understand the unique technology challenges and needs of the Construction Industry. We help our partners build and implement tailored solutions that fine-tune all aspects of a construction business – bid proposals, resource and job phase management, project accounting, service management, inventory billing, financial management and project by project reporting among others.

From roofing contractors to concrete to highway construction and asphalt, OUR construction solutions will help your customers to closely monitor and manage costs while tracking sub-contractors & vendors. With the complexity of multiple stakeholders – engineers, architects, back office staff, operations, finance, field & site - all of who require real-time data and seamless collaboration for the project to run smoothly and be delivered in a timely manner, Optimus Construction solutions are architected to enable alignment of resources across the fragmented nature of this industry. Specifically, our portfolio of cloud-based solutions for the Construction industry offers additional advantages for data and workflow interoperability, irrespective of location constraints. Our Construction suite covers everything from Business application to Servers and Storage solutions.

For our Optimus Construction Solutions portfolio, we start with business consulting, a critical tool to enable a business model and process change that can you're your customers optimally utilize the technology solutions proposed. From here, all the way through to understanding specific business functionalities, helping craft a customized offering and assisting in the seamless implementation of the solution, Optimus is with you all the way.

So whatever your Construction industry needs, Optimus can help you build a technology solution that delivers.

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The Retail Industry has undergone a complete transformation in recent times, marked by increased e-commerce and omni-channel transaction points and sales. The retail industry in the region is at crossroads. With skyrocketing smartphone and broadband penetration technology is empowering consumers in many new ways and is forming the core of purchasing decisions.

A proliferation of sophisticated online payment gateway systems, mobile shopping, is indicative of the ease of adoption of new technology by users. At the same time, the proliferation for state-of-the-art payment gateways has been necessitated by a growing demand for e-commerce and mobile-commerce. Social media and its popularity, plus the presence of brands on social platforms, and the interconnected shopping and shopper space, has also deeply impacted the traditional retail model.

So e-shopping and e-commerce is the biggest revolution for the retail sector, and merchants will need to be ahead of the technology curve, adopting tech savvy retail practices ahead of the equally tech savvy consumers in the region, to remain competitive and deliver on changing customer expectations.


In the future, mobile and digital payments will consume the majority of the retail transaction space. Integrated cloud-based solutions that offer customers secure trading platforms, while being device-agnostic are the future for retail. Omnichannel retailing, predictive and intuitive technology that bridges global trends and consumer behavior, as well as mobile wallets will be the new face of retail. And our comprehensive Big Data and Analytics offerings are aligned with these business requirements of the Retail sector. See more.

Big data and Analytics for Retail drives customer retention, improves loyalty & provides cross-selling opportunities

Shopping, today, and going forward, is all about capturing customer behavior, history, experiences and trends, to enable predictive modeling of his consumption patterns. So predictive analytics can further help retailers to implement dynamic pricing, personalized recommendations, shopper-specific discounts, etc. With the proliferation of mobile commerce and smartphones, retail has become borderless, and is expected to be seamless across devices and channels. Cloud technologies are paving the way for success in this domain, and our cloud solutions, with low deployment time and significantly reduced costs, are becoming increasingly attractive for retail industry players.

The Optimus solution is an end-to-end portfolio that addresses retail industry pain points and helps them capitalize on the strength of the network by integrating supply chain management (with a strong emphasis on visibility into inventory), operations and data analytics platforms along with next-gen retail delivery systems, digital stores & interconnected mobile experiences. The essence of our omni-channel retailing solution is the ability to harmoniously link the digital and physical selling environments affording customers the best choices for their lifestyle.

At Optimus, we offer a Big Data product and solution portfolio to enable retailers to optimally extract the maximum value from their data capture. Our solution helps manage data to build a holistic, 360 profile of the consumer, with analytical tools and mathematical models that help marketers to deliver tailored and seamless brand experiences to consumers, across channels – online, physical store & mobile – to eventually drive enterprise-wide profitable growth.

Another big benefit of analytics is data-driven customers insights that provide opportunities to create incremental value, like loyalty and upselling. And the Optimus data analytics offering for retail provides exactly this – data gathered across multiple touch points & interaction points, is structured, integrated and analyzed to unlock insights surrounding consumer behavior to tailor messaging and marketing, leading to increased customer conversion rates, enhanced customer retention, and improved customer loyalty.

Omni-channel integration & cross-channel optimization

As discussed earlier, the key purpose of technology in retail is providing a seamless consumer experience across channels. However cross-channel optimization is simply not just about executing the same activities in multiple, separate channels, or only about integrating or synchronizing channels to support cross-channel shopping. The aim of retail technology is to drive cross-channel engagement and unify online and offline experiences. Simply put, mere presence across channels does not signify a cross-channel strategy.

The fact that today’s shoppers adopt ‘omni-commerce’ and easily transfer between physical as well as digital environments to fulfil their purchasing needs puts the onus on retailers to maximize and optimize this shopping experience across the channels they use.

Optimus provides a platform driven innovative solution for Retail to ensure the cross-channel optimized experience for customers. The digital store platform basically provides the framework to dock all solutions into one single platform, from point of sale, to flexible buy and return anywhere functionality, baskets, appointments, endless aisles, payments etc. This ability of the solution to help deliver multi-directional content to, from and between online & physical stores, in a seamless manner, enables a continuous and uninterrupted customer experience across all channels.

Mobile payment solutions

The advancements in mobile technology have disrupted the entire payment industry, accelerating the existing commerce streams for retail, with next-gen mobile payment capabilities, like NFC (Near Field Communication enabled devices) & mobile payment apps, creating new opportunities for revenue as well as customer relationships. Retailers are looking to monetize this shift in payment systems as mobile POS, as well as NFC, are getting more and more ingrained into retail and mCommerce. The much-hyped mobile wallets, and the mobile POS payment solutions are just some of the ways in which mobile technology is revolutionizing the retail payment landscape

The Optimus mobile payment solutions go beyond traditional mobile wallets, offering powerful system architecture that is intuitive, responsive, agile, all, without compromising on security. The solution is specifically developed using high-integrity development processes that are typically used for security-critical applications, with enhanced encryption technology, faster real-time payment authorization, transaction monitoring, offering rapid deployment, scalability and interoperability (flexibility to integrate mobile payment processes smoothly into new or existing applications). Our cloud hosting capabilities also help us to circumvent the limitations of traditional in-house server infrastructures.

Content Curation

At Optimus we can offer business consultancy to help develop a Curation Strategy for enterprises as well as a tools, products, and solutions for the same.

So whatever the need of your Retail industry customers, Optimus can help craft a solution offering for them.

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