WAFA Loyalty Program

WAFA is a tiered Loyalty program launched to reward Optimus' loyal partners by ensuring that the more they spend with Optimus the more they earn back. Through this program, channel partners are able to earn and redeem the accumulated points for conducting business with Optimus.

WAFA is Optimus' initiative to strengthen its relationship with its existing channel, by rewarding loyalty and incentivizing performance, and also serving as a value-offer for new partners.

Optimus values the contribution of its channel partners to the company's success and WAFA enables Optimus to recognize and reward its partners for their loyalty, commitment and continuous business with Optimus.

WAFA is categorized into 3 tiers, differentiated by annual revenues that channel partners bring in.

Apart from meeting the basic criteria, tier eligibility requires minimum annual revenues booked with Optimus over the past financial year.

BRONZE - annual revenue of upto USD 249K
SILVER - annual revenue between USD 250K to USD 499K
GOLD - annual revenue of USD 500k to USD 999k
PLATINUM - annual revenue above USD 1000k

The program is designed to provide loyalty points to partners for multiple activities, from completion of the on-boarding process to positive credit history to sales revenues. Each WAFA-Point is equal to USD 1 and you can earn it in several ways:

  • Completion of On-boarding Process
  • Monthly Pipeline Reporting

  • Monthly Pipeline Conversion
  • Revenue generated
  • Maintaining a clear credit history with minimal overdue amounts

WAFA points can be redeemed for the following services:

  • Vendor led paid training programs
  • Air Travel ticket to attend the Optimus training program
  • Purchasing Optimus Professional Services
  • Payment for next deal
  • Credit Notes to be used against Accounts Payable
  • End Customer Events sponsorship by Optimus
  1. All new partners would start at the Bronze Level
  2. For partners who have been doing business with us in the earlier years, we would be inviting them into a specific tier based on their sales with Optimus in the previous year
  3. The more points you earn, the closer you get to the next tier level and more benefits.
  4. Each tier is valid for a period of One year and is reviewed at the end of each fiscal year.
  5. Your tier levels may change, during the review period, dependent on whether you have achieved the points and other criteria required for the specific tier
  6. Partners need to sign Terms & Conditions to enter into the WAFA
  7. Partner needs to have completed the Optimus On-boarding Process
  8. Partners need a minimum of 500 points to start redeeming.
  9. Partners need to fill & submit Redemption Forms for availing redemption benefits at- least 15 days prior to actual redemption.
  10. Any redemption request is subject to approval from Optimus.
  11. Partners with more than 25% overdue at the end of the year, will lose their accumulated points
  12. Value-Points cannot be redeemed against any Vendor or Optimus driven promotions unless specified by Optimus.
  13. Value-Points cannot be redeemed against Accounts Payable.
  14. Optimus may modify or cancel the program at any time without giving any prior notice.
  15. Specific tier based benefits shall be launched soon

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For more details please contact:
Nehul Goradia
Manager – Channel & Partner Enablement
Email: ngoradia@optimusdistribution.com