Data Centers – The Business of Control

Very often we overhear about Data Centers and their current "necessity" status as a facilitator and enabler of business growth. And we reminisce the era of big tower servers stationed on the floor, evolving into server rooms and further into Data Centers. So what triggered this rapid evolution? What prompted CTOs and CIOs to build a dedicated space to house the servers? And is it wise for businesses to continue to invest significant Capex and Opex funds to maintain these centers? Is it justified?

As the business milieu transformed from a paper-centric process environment to a technology enabled landscape, Data emerged as the key driver of business. "Loss of Data" therefore became proportionately critical to revenue and assets. Against this backdrop, it became necessary to manage and maintain the Data generated and make it accessible, safe, secure and efficient.

To provide safe, secure and efficient Data Management, we need a center where everything is "controlled" to deliver a healthy computing platform. And this is where Data Centers come into play.

A Data Center is a place where the physical environment needs to be critically controlled like an "ICU" (Intensive Care unit) and the Data integrity & Trust needs to be built and secured akin to a "Bank". Temperature, power, hygiene and proactive monitoring enable an ICU for possible Critical Care whereas in the Data Center, Controlled Cooling (with minimum hot & cold spots), clean power (with a power factor of One), environment (fire and smoke), hygiene (dust free), feed (concealed input) and proactive monitoring provide the same function. With respect to Data Integrity, Data Centers provide control over access, information security, processes, operations and identity management, securing customer trust and satisfaction.

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Author - Abhay Pandey, Subject Matter Expert

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